Our Story

With his (and his children’s) love of horses and a Spanish Gypsy heritage, the birth of La Laguna was a natural progression for Gonzalo and Sandra Assiego and after 2 intense years of designing, planning and creating, 2014 saw the opening of the now world renowned, sprawling and conceptual stunning La Laguna!

From the moment you enter this Spanish inspired, boho-chic, gypsy inspired beach club (located on the sands that border Berawa and Batu Belig), you are transported to a mystical and stunning world like no other.

La Laguna was initially born out of the need for a relocation plan for our children’s love of animals and Gonzalo’s passion for horses. With two young sons who had a burgeoning passions for all creatures great and small, we bought the land with the initial idea of using this space to house the children’s ever increasing collection of all sorts of native wildlife that were currently residing in La Favela and beginning to scare the customers!

It wasn’t just the native wildlife, it was by then, also chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks, dear, horses and even an otter! Initially we wanted to build on that concept … the relationship between the Spanish gypsys and their love of animals that we see so strongly in our children and combine that into a space that felt like and enchanted world. A world where even the animals talked. Gonzalo again, created a space that many said was impossible. To create something in that area of Bali that was different from the standard beach bars popping up on the island” – Sandra Assiego

What separates La Laguna from the crowd is the extraordinary decor. Semi – cobbled paths, ornate, vintage wooden gypsy caravans and multi – coloured furniture with alfresco seating scattered over the garden and leading down to the lagoon and opening out to the expansive Bali shoreline and the famous Bali sunsets.